Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, if you separated due to medical reasons, you are able to apply even if you do not have the 10 years aggregate service. You will need to show proof of separation (DD FM 214) and your documentation should show medically separated.

For retirees/separated, the QLEO date is 10 years after graduation from tech school.

Unfortunately, your time as a Security Police member does not meet the criteria for Security Forces to issue you a LEOSA credential. If you have completed 10 years of service with AFOSI, you qualify for LEOSA credential from them.

Yes, you must serve 10 years total aggregated service combine SP and OSI to qualify for a 926C LEOSA credential. The credential must come from your last career field you served with.

No, you are not required to submit proof of qualification to the vender. If you decide to carry concealed and you are stopped by a law enforcement officer, he may ask for proof of weapons qualification, which you must provide.

Comprehensive background checks are required for all eligible applicants, with particular focus on violations of the Lautenberg Amendment to the Gun Control Act of 1968. Information relating to this process can be found on the application. If you choose to use one their fee is around $50, and if you choose not to use one it will take at least 60 days and your fee ($18) goes to the FBI. DCS will need to see the results of the check once completed. DO NOT submit your fingerprints as a part of your LEOSA package.

No. LE service time is not reviewed in order to issue a 926B card. Providing proof of at least 10 years of LE service is a specific 926C requirement and must be submitted in order to complete the category change.

Yes, all Air Force credentials will be printed with the Air Force Security Forces Center address in lieu of personal home addresses. In addition, the 926C Retired/Separated credentials will no longer have an expiration date and will be printed with the word, “Indefinite.” All previously issued credentials are still valid. For those customers desiring to have credentials that reflect the recent changes, you may do a "General Change" Service Request to have your nonexpired credential updated.
926B ACTIVELY SERVING (3P0, 31P, 0083)

Yes, under 926B if they are active in the AFNG/AFR in a 3P position and meet all the requirements. And under 926C if they retire/separate with more than 10 yrs TAFMS as a 3P.

Misdemeanors are not an issue addressed in DoD guidance as it pertains to LEOSA. All members (AD, Guard/Reserve, DAF CP/SG, Retired or Separated) wanting cards need to meet their specific requirements noted in DoDI 5525.12 and DoDI 5525.15 in order to be issued cards.

Since you are a DAF CP, USAF will be the entity to issue your LEOSA credential. You must meet all Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) requirements identified in DoDI 5525.15. Your aggregate service would only apply if you were filing for the 926C (Retired/Separated) credential and unfortunately, under that option you would need to go through the Army. Because you are a current DAF/CP you will be covered by the AF.

You are correct, 10 years aggregated service does not apply to Active Duty Security Forces, Active DAF, Active Reserve and Active ANG.

Your commander should provide you with a reason for not endorsing your application. The commander’s signature on your application verifies you are not or have not been in violation of Lautenberg Act issues and negates the need for an FBI background check. I would suggest you use your chain of command and request a written reason for non-endorsement. Once you have that you may still apply and your submission will be adjudicated by the staff at the Security Forces Center.

You are correct, if you choose to get a 926B it is no longer valid upon retirement and you will need to transfer over to the 926C. You will need to meet the requirements for the 926C and have 10 yrs of service as a QLEO or been medically separated.

Since you are no longer SF you will need to apply for the 926C Separated. I would get with your first sergeant to have an AMJAM completed on you or go to your MPF to have them do a career data pull on you to prove your SF service.

You can apply for the 926C. At a minimum you will need your retirement order and supporting documents showing your minimum 10 years of service as Security Forces.

In most circumstances, LEOSA supersedes state laws but not for state firearm restrictions. For example, the state may restrict the size of a magazine an individual is allowed to carry. Members need to ensure they are familiar with the state handgun laws they may transit through.

NO, you will NOT be allowed to carry an issued M9, you must procure your own semi-automatic pistol if you choose to carry. This credential only recognizes you as a qualified Law enforcement officer, and allows you the protection from state laws that prohibit you from carrying concealed weapons for personal protection, IF you choose to carry. The credential is intended for OFF-DUTY concealed carry, as a private citizen.

You are not prohibited from teaching in your off duty time as long as you comply with AF Off-Duty Employment actions. The statement that CATM will be prohibited from conducting LEOSA Qualifications is aimed at not using Government facilities/ranges or personnel for this program. BL: 926C folks need to find support somewhere other than the agency (i.e. AF SF)

Yes, after the 5 years has expired you will need to submit a Renewal Service Request and submit a new fee for the 926B. As of 15 July 2020, There is no expiration for the 926C.

The process is estimated to take 45 BUSINESS DAYS, barring any issues that are identified within the application. If action is required on an application, this estimate no longer applies until the application is completed.

LEOSA cards are mailed regular, third-class USPS. Tracking is not included. Cards have taken anywhere from a few days to 4 weeks to be delivered. If you have not received your card within 3 weeks after being notified it was mailed, please contact our office.

No, The Air Force has designated the Security Forces center Address will appear on all credentials as of 19 June 2020.

Yes. You would need to submit a Category Change service request and submit for a 926C Separated card (separated from the career field). This requires submitting a 926C Separated application, fee and all of the additional documentation that is required with a 926C application. FBI Identity History Summary or National Criminal Information Center (NCIC) Summary check.

No. If you do not have military LE service time, DCS cannot assist.